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Sold Out Finevit D3-STRIP 800IU N30 (vitamins D3)

Finevit D3

Vitamin D3

Food supplement with sweetener

Description: Vitamin D stimulates the normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, helps to maintain normal calcium levels in the blood, healthy bones and teeth, muscle work, stimulates the normal functioning of the immune system and is necessary for the process of cell division.

Composition: volume enlarger: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, moisture regulator: glycerin, flavoring: liquid with strawberry flavor, antioxidant: tocopherol acetate extract 1 mg, dye: titanium dioxide, stabilizer: polysorbate 80, cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) - 20 μg (400% of the SCR *) , sweetener: sucralose, antioxidants: butylhydroxyanisol, butylhydroxytoluene, dye: carmoisin **, sweetener: neotame.

* NRV – nutritional reference value

** Carmoizin may adversely affect the activity and attention of children.

Direction for use: for adults and children from 11 years 1 strip per day on the tongue. The strip should not be chewed or swallowed. The strip should be used immediately after unpacking.

Not recommended for pregnant, nursing mothers, in case of individual intolerance to the components.

Do not use food supplements as a substitute for a full and balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!

Keep out of reach of children, in a dry, dark place, at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.


Packaging: 30 orally desintegrating strips

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Finevit D3-STRIP 800IU N30 (vitamins D3)

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