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Medistus® Antivirus

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Medical Device CE 0481


Please read the instructions for use carefully before taking Medistus® Antivirus lozenges.


What are Medistus® Antivirus lozenges?

Medistus® Antivirus lozenges contain Kistosyn® 200 extract.

Medistus® Antivirus is a medical device product. Efficacy and safety have been tested according to the European Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC).


Main effect of Medistus® Antivirus lozenges

By purchasing Medistus® Antivirus you have acquired a medical device with an active ingredient complex containing plant-based substances. The Kistosyn® 200 extract forms through its natural active substances a protective film over the oral and pharyngeal mucosa. This protective barrier leads to a physical (mechanical) protection against viruses  and bacteria causing respiratory infections, which helps prevent their penetration into body cells and their further propagation.

The Kistosyn® 200 extract supports through its natural active substances the barrier function of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa by forming a natural film on it. As a result, external irritations can significantly be reduced. In addition, the Kistosyn® 200 extract supports the protection of the oral mucosa from inflammations and thereby the alleviation of cough and dry cough.

Due to this physical effect resistance development is not possible.


Picture: Bacteria, Viruses, protection barrier, Throat mucous membranes

Areas of application

In which cases shall Medistus® Antivirus be applied?

• To support by physical means the natural barrier function of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa against viruses and bacteria infecting the respiratory tract.

• For the prevention of infectious and inflammatory airways diseases of viral and bacterial origin by physical (mechanical) barrier formation on the pharyngeal mucosa.

• For the alleviation of cough and dry cough.

• Also applicable at the first signs of scratching in the throat.

Dosage instructions, type and duration of application

When, how often and how long shall Medistus® Antivirus be applied?


• For protection at increased risk of airways infection of viral and bacterial origin.

• Even at the first signs of scratching in the throat.

• Adults: Dissolve a lozenge slowly in the mouth 3 to 6 times a day.

• Children older than 12 years (and of at least 25 kg body weight): Dissolve a lozenge slowly in the mouth 3 times a day.

·          Children older than 6 years: Dissolve a lozenge slowly in the mouth once a day.


The lozenges may pose a choking risk for small children when unable to dissolve them in the mouth. Please take particular care in case of young children.

In case of taking medicines orally, please leave a pause of 4 hours in-between.  

If within 2-3 days after the initiation of the treatment no improvement occurs or the symptoms aggravate (such as upon the occurrence of fever over 38°C), please consult your doctor.


Please note

Keep out of reach of small children. Suitable for children older than 6 years.

Suitable also for pregnant and breastfeeding women.


Side effects

There are no side effects known.


Counter indications

There are no counter indications known.



To avoid interactions, in case of taking medicines orally, please leave a pause of 4 hours between the intakes or consult your doctor.


Notes and information concerning the shelf life of the medical device

Medistus® Antivirus lozenges shall be used up until the „best before” date marked on the box.


Form and content

Original packaging with 10 lozenges.




Active ingredients: Kistosyn® 200 extract

Other ingredients: maltitol, sorbitol, purified water, ascorbic acid, citric acid, flavor, vegetable oil, stevia extract, peppermint oil.

No preservatives and colorants.

Sugar, gluten and lactose free.



Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light.



The product can be disposed of with the regular household waste.


Medistus® Antivirus lozenges

act as a protective film

form a natural barrier

assist preventively and in the alleviation of infection

alleviate cough and dry cough

Natural health protection at increased infection risk


Manufacturer: Nutrin GmbH

Schnaid 36b, 91352 Hallerndorf / Germany


License owner: Innopharm GmbH
Hauptplatz 1, 1. OG, A-7350 Oberpullendorf / Austria


Distributor: VitaPlus Ltd.

1037 Budapest, Csillaghegyi út 19-21.

Below is the link for more information:

The Medistus figurative trademark and the Kistosyn word trademark are registered international trademarks of VitaPlus Ltd.


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