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-70% ZOVISEAL Innovative Lip Care Patch N16


Lip care patch

Medical device, class I

Description Zoviseal is designed especially for lip care (ultra thin film & round patch). Zoviseal can give sore relief effects by mechanical action which is providing virus/germ-static harshenvironment to survive by isolated status (polyurethane barrier). It has physical effect on relief of herpes by blocking oxygen. And also Zoviseal preventing from the rist of cross-contamination.

Direction for use:

Wash your hands. Clean and dry the area for application.

Cut to open the pouch and take out the plastic film from the pouch.

Position front side of the plastic film and slowly tear up the removable plastic film from bottom to top.

Place the Zoviseal patch with separating plastic film on affected area (not internal side of the lips). And gently press the edge of the patch on lip for better adhesion.

Gently press the edge of the patch on lip, then slowly peel off the removable and discard.

Apply gentle pressure to enhance adhesion.

The Zoviseal patch should be used 2 – 3 patches per a day until the sore is healed.

Reseal the zip-lock well for storage remained Zoviseal patch in the foil pouch.

To remove the patch, loosen it at the edge.

Use both hands to hold loosened edge of patch.

Stretch the patch sideways, pulling hands apart as it is peeled away.

For external use only and directed use only. Do not use this patch if you have experienced an adverse reaction to any patch type. Discontinue use the patch right away if you get any skin adverse effects including rash, itching, redness and etc.). Contact your doctor if you experience side effects or allergic reactions. Pregnant, nursing women and any person with allergic reactions (such a rash, redness, itching and eruptions and etc.) to drugs, medical device or cosmetic should consult a physician before use. Children should use this product under adult’s supervision. The patch will not stick to the area if the skin is wet or oily, or the pad comes into contact with hair or clothing. The company is not responsible for any accident that is caused by negligence on the part of user of the patch.

Avoid a direct ray by the sun and store in a cool, dry place and air-tight container at room temperature.

Do not place the pack where children or toodlers can reach.

Reseal the zip-lock well for storage remained patches in the foil pouch.

Manufacturer: LABOTTACH Co, LTD., Korea

Packaging: 16 patches.

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ZOVISEAL Innovative Lip Care Patch N16

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